Painting Day 20: Colors Tell Stories

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As I continue my study of  Colors I learned that colors alone tell stories and breathe interpretation of moods, feelings and senses.

For the first exercise I paint the colors that I like and the colors that I dislike.

If you have seen my paintings in the past the dominant colors that I usually use are the bright ones. Personally my favorite colors are green, yellow and blue

colors I like

I love browns but I rarely use them especially when I am painting layers. I use them when I’m painting barks and branches and sometimes shadows with a bit of blue. I dislike pale colors but I still use them when necessary.

Colors I dislike

The second exercise is to paint color interpretations of the 4 seasons namely: spring, summer, fall and winter. I had so much fun using whatever colors that I feel best.

Spring watercolor

summer watercolor

fall watercolor

winter watercolor

Try it too. :)


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