Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

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elisa choi digital arts

I created a rough drawing of a girl waiting outside the train station. I was waiting for someone while making this sketch. The colors are done digitally using PhotoShop.

If you observe the drawing you can see either two things: (1) There are imperfections all around this sketch, or (2) The colors and the “imperfections” depict creativity and echo a certain personality of the artist.

If you think about it I have the choice of improving my drawing such as making the arm more realistic, making the shirt loose, straightening the bars and many other nitty-gritty observations.

However I love the evidence of the pencil marks left on this drawing. I love how quickly everything is done including the colors. You can see how the background is just a mixture of colors creating a somewhat concrete abstract. Everything is done the first time without dwelling so much details on it. The purpose is granted: Pure Enjoyment.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. It could be a beautiful creation for some or an unappreciated art for the inner critics. It could be a disrespectful creation or a self expression. But whatever holds true art will always have a special place and meaning in our lives.  Before we begin to do something (not only in art) we must always remember to be sensitive enough to the people around us.

Sharing this with you all at Paint Party Friday. Have a great weekend ahead! Let us keep ourselves busy with paint and enjoy the process of creating! I look forward in seeing your works!

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52 Responses

  1. Rosie

    I love the spontineity of it.

  2. Kat Sloma

    I like the imperfections of it, that’s what makes it art! Happy PPF!

  3. pointypix

    I think this is lovely. it has a great illustrative quality to it-I could see it as the illustration to an article in a magazine. I love the soft colours in the background creating a sort of out of focus haze that allows the viewer to imagine just what might be there.

  4. NatashaMay

    I love how you explain it. And I like the loose abd abstract feel to it. :)

  5. Mari

    You’re absolutely right about the feeling of art .. is developed every four years according to their personal concerns, I never use Photoshop, because for me the picture and color are part of the same art therapy, but each artist arrives at the same point by differents ways. Saludos

  6. Carol

    Great post and I love your style of painting ~ thanks ~~Happy PPF ~namaste, Carol ^_^ ( Share the Creative Journey)

  7. Kristin Dudish

    This is a lovely post – I think the spontaneity of your drawing is wonderful and it’s such an interesting perspective. (I also get the feeling she could be standing in Monet’s garden… very cool.)


  8. EVA

    I really like the feel of this street scene. Wonder where those girls are on their way too?

  9. carlarey

    It does look like an illustration from a magazine article! It’s a simple little drawing, but it conveys so much.

  10. Melisa

    I see #2. Quick sketches are not made for correcting and twiddling. I have to remind myself of that sometimes but I do know it to be true. Catch what you can while you can, right? I need to start carrying my sketchbook with me again.

  11. Pop Art Minis

    I love the way that you capture your world and the style that you do it in…it’s wonderful!

  12. Mary C. Nasser

    Beautiful, beautiful painting!
    Lovely colors!

  13. Megan

    I like the fluid-like feel to this ~ and the imperfections feel right to me :)

  14. iamrushmore

    totally agree that the “imperfections” make this more wonderful. I love the stillness of her pose (it’s clear she’s waiting) and the movement of the abstract background. You have great style!

  15. cynthia eloise

    very good point. i believe in your second comment “The colors and the “imperfections” depict creativity and echo a certain personality of the artist”.

  16. Scarlet

    I see beautiful colors and a funkier version of a Norman Rockwell kind of moment. :) Love your work!

  17. laurie

    I love the simplicity of this yet its so complex,, beautiful.I love a painting that tells a story.

  18. Stephanie Corder

    I really like that proportions being slightly off, it gives the piece a great sense of spontaneity and creativity- I wouldn’t change a thing!
    Happy PPF,

  19. giggles

    I see the painting as a whole, and focused on the wonderful hair. Love how natural it looks. Wouldn’t have noticed the imperfections until you pointed them out!! Kind of a metaphor there! Great job!
    Happy ppf!

    Hugs Giggles

  20. geckostone

    Yes I agree with Laurie, this painting tells a story! I love it, so moving! ( even though she and you were “waiting” ) Deb

  21. Kerry

    Wow, this is really really cool. I like that the colors aren’t ones that I would automatically think to put together but they look really really good…sort of like a vintage 80’s vibe. Great work!

  22. - T.W -

    Indeed, sometimes people care too much about perfect anatomy and perfect perspective and perfect shading and forget to create art… do make something they love.
    I think your painting is beautiful, capturing the moment and memories…

    And also, thank you for the comment on my piece from last week! ^-^
    I previously went two years at Comic School, and applied to different art schools therafter. I was so happy when I was accepted~ So now I’m studying and creating there from nine-to-five daily. So having a full-time job seems impossible, but I do know of fellow students working during the weekends… and commissions and other personal projects must wait until I’m home. It’s tough, but I love it so far!

  23. Mary Hysong

    I love the looseness of it, yet my first thought was ‘book illustration’ Happy PPF!

  24. Annabelle

    “Nobody’s Perfect” and this rendering of the girls is beautiful, so I go with #2 Observation.Lovely work!

  25. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Annabelle. I agree with your thought that nobody’s perfect.. no pressure!

  26. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Mary! Book illustration is a good idea:)

  27. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot! Thank you for providing your insights of the art school.. i think it’s a great work.. making art and studying about it.. I hope to be doing all of these soon.

  28. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Kerry for the wonderful thoughts! It’s great to experiment!

  29. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Deb! Sometimes waiting can be rewarding too… :)

  30. Elisa Choi

    Wow, thanks so much Giggles… I am very critical of my work but I am learning how to enjoy the process without stressing myself too much.. :)

  31. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Stephanie!

  32. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Laurie! It means a lot to me.. I love to draw something that is real…:)

  33. Elisa Choi

    I don’t know that man but i think he also tells a story perhaps.. Thanks a lot!

  34. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Cynthia!

  35. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much for your wonderful words! I agree with you too!

  36. Elisa Choi

    I am thinking so too.. Thank you Megan!

  37. Elisa Choi

    Thank you very much!

  38. Elisa Choi

    I agree.. while it’s there we have to make the most out of it.. Let’s draw more!

  39. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Carla! I think the colors give its way.. :)

  40. Elisa Choi

    Yeah it made me wonder too… Probably on a weekend hang out ..:) Thank you!

  41. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Kristin!

  42. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Carol!

  43. Elisa Choi

    Great thoughts to ponder Mari.. Thank you very much!

  44. Elisa Choi

    Thank you Natasha!

  45. Elisa Choi

    You have a great observation skills:) I decided to create a somehow abstract painting of the background and not put much details on it.. I agree it makes people somehow curious..Thanks a lot!

  46. Elisa Choi

    I couldn’t agree more.. Thanks so much Kat!

  47. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Rosie!

  48. Rosie

    Thanks for the note on my blog. It’s a very sweet offer. I am going for actual photographs of animals apart form the unicorn so far but my best option for that would be a doctored photograph!

  49. Jen

    That is what I love so much about art…it really truly is different for every artist and observer. So many diverse ideas or feelings can be evoked from art. I love it. That is what keeps everything so fresh and interesting. :) Thank you for sharing!

  50. Hybrid J

    Love the imperfection of your work, it actually bring life and character to you work. Well Done! :)

  51. Elisa Choi

    Very well said Jen! Thanks lot for your bright thoughts. I truly agree and that’s what makes art interesting and loved! :)

  52. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot!

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