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I found out about 100 Illusrations through Diana Evans, a proud founder of this awesome project and an active member of Paint Party Friday.100 Illustrations helps to market and get our artworks out in the world by publishing it into a book. In order to achieve this, it requires the participation of 100 illustrators by submitting their works. The current theme for this project is: My Favorite Food.

I am thrilled that my work is included in the 100 Illustrations. Aside from experiencing my first of having my work published, I get to step up and try my hands on more professional digital art–>that means drawing the food as realistically as possible.

My favorite food of all time is anything noodle-based. I love pasta and noodle soups. This Oriental Noodle Soup is drawn digitally in PhotoShop. I have tried different brushes to achieve the consistency of the soup. Also I use some photos of my previously eaten noodles (yes, I photograph almost everything I ate) and copy its color using the color picker of PS and use it in painting the veggies and seafoods so that I can achieve a more natural color.

Now, who wants to have a taste of this delicious treat? It looks good enough to eat. I can already feel the craving right now!

I am sharing this with you all at Paint Party Friday hosted by Kristin and Eva, thanks guys! Also, I encourage you all to join 100 Illustrations. It’s a fun experience and you get to see your work and all those talented artists around the world in a deliciously colored book. It’s still a long way to go before it reaches 100! So start deciding about your favorite food and draw! Thanks much Diana!

Have a blessed weekend ahead everyone!

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  1. oh, this is neat.
    i love that you combined photos of foods you have eaten.

    yep. neat.


  2. Thanks Amy, but I think you have misunderstood it. I did not combine any photos but this piece was drawn digitally in PhotoShop. I just use the colors of the photos to paint in order to achieve a more natural color for my drawing. Sorry if this is confusing. :)

  3. Cool – well done and great to get published

  4. Congratulations on your art being included in the published book – that’s a great achievement. I did intend to do something for this project as I also saw it via Diane but as usual time got away from me. This is a great piece of digitial work – I can see how Amy got confused as it really does look realistic!

  5. I first thought it was some kind of cool abstract face before I read it was a noodle soup. :) I love it!

  6. YUMMY!!! Thats cool that you will be published! Happy PPF! Deb

  7. Kudos and Bravo to you! ~ to be published! Happy for you and love your artstyle ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) and Happy PPF ^_^

  8. Congratulations! You must fell very proud of yourself. Now I have to go make myself a bowl of noodles.

  9. Congratulations and its a great digital piece. Happy PPF, Annette x

  10. Congratulations on being published! I love how realistic it looks. Amazing work. Happy PPF!

  11. Very cool…congrats on being included in the illustration book!

  12. Congrats, great work!

  13. Congrats on the published work. Very nice work.

  14. Happy Paint Party Friday!

  15. Yummy work!
    Your noodles definitely look good enough to eat! Love noodles!
    Going to check out 100 illustrations now!

  16. Yummmm you are making me hungrey!!! Love this piece! And congrats on the first publication. It’s a very exciting time!!

  17. congrats – it’s gorgeous!

  18. Thanks so much!

  19. Thanks so much Heather! I am feeling hungry too! I think I can have my fix of noodles later..:D

  20. Thanks so much Mary! I hope you join too!:)

  21. Same to you Robin! Thank you!:)

  22. Thanks so much Annabelle!

  23. Thanks a lot Julie!

  24. Thanks so much!:)

  25. Thanks a lot Theresa! I surprise myself as well:)

  26. I’m a noodle and veggie fan too. Love your piece, sounds like it was fun. You did a great job.

  27. Thanks a lot Annette!

  28. Thanks a lot Carla:) Yes I am proud and happy too.. I think I am eating one later..;p

  29. Thank you so much Carol.. that is so sweet of you! Take care!

  30. Thank you very much Deb! It’s very cool indeed!

  31. LOL… it can look like an abstract face.. Great imagination Natasha:) Thanks so much!

  32. Thank you very much:) You might want to make some time for this by just thinking of your favorite food.. then another time to create some WIP works.. I think you will do amazing.:)

  33. Thank you Rosie:)

  34. Thanks so much Gloria.. I am a fan of veggie too:) You should try joining! :)

  35. wow! I love it… is it a face? is it a mermaid? is it just food??? ;o)

  36. It’s noodles my dear.. thank you!:D

  37. What a great project and I love what you’ve done with that soup. Looks delish!! :)

  38. How fun; I’ve seen the 100 Illustration thing before, but don’t really have time right now; besides most of the participating artists are so talented they blow me away; I’m just not in their league! Your noodle soup is great; great idea using your color picker to get just the right colors.Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my sunflowers, Happy PPF!

  39. Congratulations! Your noodle soup looks great. (Hear stomach rumbling…)

  40. Interesting work! Great design! Patsy from HeARTworks

  41. Thank you very much Patsy!:)

  42. Thanks so much Eva:) I am craving still..:|

  43. Haha, don’t say that.. your works are amazing Mary and I adore your paintings. Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate it:)

  44. Thanks so much Scarlet!:)

  45. Congratulations on being part of such a fun sounding project! Your black bowl filled with soup looks great set against the vibrant orange-ish background!


  46. Thanks much Kristin! :)

  47. it’s now edible :D

  48. Thank you very much Winnie! What does it taste like? ;p

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