Walking in the Deep

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Before I was able to conceptualize this piece I have felt an immense sense of frustration.
For not coming up with concepts quickly.
For stressing myself out on what tools to use to get the intended effect.
For being stuck  with the branches.
It was 6:10pm. The deadline is the next day.

I wanted to cry. But I take a rest instead.

And it is while resting that I said to myself that God will not leave me.
Then I had an AHA moment.
Just like that.

Mural Digital Painting

This digital painting is done entirely in Illustrator.
It is a mural. Though my teacher says it’s less likely one because of the mood. It’s somber.
Are murals suppose to be happy?
But he seems fascinated by it.

I was feeling sad I suppose while creating this. Emotions always have a hold on me in whatever I do.
Sometimes it gives me good inspiration. Other times it only leaves me emptiness.

I am so thankful to the Lord. For giving me strength. For easing the pain in my wrist.
For walking with me.

Art will always be my passion.
It may be draining at times.
There might be days when nothing bears fruit.
The result might be hurtful to bear especially by futile remarks or criticisms.

But keep on creating.
Create for the sake of creating. Not to impress.

As Julia Cameron says, “I will take care of the quantity, God will take care of the quality.

Have a blessed weekend you all!

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13 Responses

  1. Susan

    Stunning! I think the wonderful shadows create a somber mood but that is OK. It is beautiful.
    Happy PPF

  2. Faye

    Elisa, this is gorgeous. I don’t agree with the teacher. I think it makes a beautiful mural. I love the shadows.

  3. Nora Clemens-Gallo

    I don’t know if murals suppose to be happy, but I’m happy you created this. It is so peaceful. Absolutely beautiful!!! I can’t stop looking at it. Great job!!

    Have a great day!

  4. Marji

    I loved this post. The painting turned out wonderfully – but your words are magic. It is so true that if we trust in ourselves, our ability, ask for help and stop struggling – we make it to the other side. Love Julia’s quote. Happy PPF

  5. Carol

    Absolutely exquisite! I would love it as a mural ~ the red hat is a great touch ~ Wow! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Heather Santos

    I have no idea if murals are supposed to be happy, but I love this one! I feel peacefulness, tranquility, rest. Love that quote!

  7. Lynn Cohen

    Lovely…cools me off on a hot summer day here! ;-) HPPF!

  8. Natasha

    I didn’t know murals were meant to be happy!! I love the feel of this, I think it is beautiful and very meaningful.

  9. Anne

    Incredibly beautiful, love the light and shadow and the limited palette!

  10. carlarey

    This is beautiful. It doesn’t seem sad to me at all, it seems very tranquil and calming.

  11. annie!

    It looks very peaceful to me. She’s walking without cover in the light. I love it. And I love the way it came to you.

  12. Karen Smithey

    Such a lovely peaceful scene–Doesn’t seem somber to me, just very very peaceful–makes me want to go walk there!

    I love the quote from Julia Cameron.

  13. JKW

    The mural speaks in many different ways. We all see the same thing differently. I like the painting. . . Keep on Keeping on. Blessings, Janet PPF

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