100 beautiful photos

100 beautiful photos

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These beautiful photos is a group effort of 50 Photoblog members. This is a wonderful project of Gerd Korts (aka known as GKorts in PB) where he aims to have a collage of 100 photos. Can you guess where’s mine?

Note: Photoblog (PB) is a website where people can join and post photos for everyone from around the world to see. It’s a great community that I hope it will always retain. Here you can see 365 Projects, challenges, chronicles of daily living, experiences, nature and trips. It serves a different purpose for everyone.

If you wish to have a glimpse of my Photoblog, look here.

It’s raining hard now, hope you all have a great remaining weekend! Take care!

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2 Responses

  1. Jonats

    Definitely I can see your picture :) It blends well with all the other beautiful pictures.

  2. Elisa Choi

    Thank you! you’re so sweet Jonats:)