je t’aime

je t’aime

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If there is one place in the world that I am crazy about, that would definitely be Paris.
Paris is music to my ears.
The Eiffel Tower is such a magnificent structure. Beautiful piece of iron.
Drawing it and making it look pretty doesn’t do justice for this famous tower.
Nevertheless, I have never felt this close to Paris.
Making this watercolor art definitely bring me closer to my dream destination.
Je t’aime!

What’s your dream destination?

Please join me and see what our other artists are up to at Paint Party Friday!

Have a great weekend everyone! Take care!

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40 Responses

  1. Lisa WrightStuff

    Ooh yes, dreamy and romantic! I have so many dream destinations – at the moment Florence is in mind…

  2. Crystal

    Love your Eiffel Tower. One day maybe I will see it in person!

  3. Annette G

    Super picture and full of romanticism. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Tammie

    this turned out wonderful.
    at this time, I don’t know if I have a dream destination, it feels good to be home.

  5. carlarey

    Oh, I love Paris too. It’s such a magical place. I just saw Midnight in Paris and it made me long to go back. This is a wonderful sketch of the tower and the evening sky.

  6. gloria

    My dream destination of course would be Paris, but also Spain, Italy. :)) Oh we could go but I’m afraid of flying, so I guess I have to be happy seeing the Eiffel Tower is great paintings as yours.:) I also like Tammie love just being home because it’s so good to be alive and breathing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Kristin Dudish

    A beautiful tribute to your dream destination! I would also love to visit Paris… But first on my list is Italy – I think it would be fabulous to combine 2 of my very favorite things… Art and food… Someday…


  8. pointypix

    love your eiffel tower with the moody sky in the background. my dream destination would be anywhere there is the possibility of seeing the northern lights. saw them in Norway but not as clearly as i’d like so i’ll keep chasing them!

  9. Julie Prichard

    I love it!!! Happy PPF!

  10. Elisa Choi

    Thank you Julie for dropping by! :)

  11. Elisa Choi

    Oh, northen lights are gorgeous! The background was a bit messy but I am very glad that it turned out quite well.. Thank you, you’re so sweet.

  12. Elisa Choi

    I love Italy too! I love to see the art world in there..and the food..of course! Soon, let’s hope! Thanks so much for your sweet words!

  13. Elisa Choi

    Great places to visit Gloria.. Italy is on my list too and I might draw it soon to make it a reality, LOL. Aww, that’s so sweet of you but don’t be afraid of flying because that’s our ticket to see the beautiful places for real! Nothing beats our homes of course! Have a nice weekend too!

  14. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Carla and especially for mentioning a movie that has Paris in it.. what joy! Haha! I’m crazy about Paris–movies, accessories with Eiffel Tower on it, etc pardon me for the too much enthusiasm.. I shall watch that movie too! Have a great day!

  15. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Tammie..:) Nothing beats home but sometimes a little trip here and there is good for the soul.. local or somewhere far..Have a great weekend!

  16. Elisa Choi

    You’re so kind Annette.. thanks a bunch!

  17. Elisa Choi

    Me too! Count me in ! Haha.. Thank you Crystal!

  18. Elisa Choi

    Thanks Lisa! You’re so sweet:) Italy is definitely in my list too.. sigh :)

  19. Hybrid J

    Lovely art work with load of details. Well Done!

  20. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Hybrid!

  21. Marlene

    Beautiful painting of the Tower. If I could go anywhere I think I would pick Figi, I could use the warm tropical sun on a laid back island.

  22. Carrie Martinez

    Beautiful work! I love Paris :)

  23. Sheri

    This is so fun! We took our daughter to see the movie Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez and the storyline moves through the sights of France. Your work is great and I hope your dreams come true!

  24. Melisa

    Lovely work! I’d like to go to Italy, myself.

  25. Elisa Choi

    Thanks Melisa! I love to go there too because of its arts and Italian food!

  26. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Sheri! I love to see the movie as well and might catch it asap..

  27. Elisa Choi

    Thank you Carrie!

  28. Elisa Choi

    Thanks Marlene:) Beach is a good spot to unwind and relax..:)

  29. Kimberly Roberts

    great piece!! i love Paris as well, although it’s been almost 15 years since i was there last!

  30. Phoenixpeacock

    I love this! This is such a fun painting. I’d like to hang it in my office and daydream about all my dream destinations.
    currently the ones on the top of the list are italy and bora bora because I haven’t been there yet

  31. anne

    Lovely! Such fun to paint a dream destination!

    Happy PPF a couple days late!

  32. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Anne! Happy PPF to you as well!

  33. Elisa Choi

    At least you’re lucky enough! I hope to go there someday..! or maybe in my dreams as always! Have a nice day:)

  34. EVA

    Fabulous! I’m trying to decide from your words if you have been to Paris and want to go back or if it is a (thus far unfulfilled) dream destination?

    Regardless you have done a wonderful job of portraying it!

  35. Elisa Choi

    I have never been there thereby making these kinds of painting … somehow it makes me closer to them.. ;) Thanks!

  36. Elisa Choi

    Draw it! Well, at least for me, it has helped me appreciate my dream destination.. I hope to make it beautiful enough to hang in the wall too! Dreams do happen:)

  37. Heather Foust

    My dream destination is Europe for a month!!! England, Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Ireland. Just travel from country to country!! Love your Journal Page.

  38. Elisa Choi

    Thanks Heather.. a lot of Beautiful places out there.. I wish to travel all of them! :):)

  39. gerri herbst

    Gorgeous Paris painting. Paris is a favorite theme of mine too. Happy PPF.

  40. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Gerri.

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