52: Outburst

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watercolor_elisa choi_Outburst

“Outburst” watercolor on 4×6 watercolor paper

I was invited to join the Face in the World hosted by Ayala. According to her this is about painting of a face by different people. So we all make one starting painting (as in: sketch, or texture, or just  a squiggle… anything to just “start” the piece, then we mail it to the person in our team. We are divided into groups of 3 members.

I’ve drawn portraits before but not the whimsy kind and that is my aim for this piece. I learned some basics and refresh my memory on portrait illustration. It was quite fun. I added some splashes of watercolor washes. In a way I was relating to myself as I work on Outburst. Perhaps outburst of emotions, inspiration, optimism.

This is my starting piece and I am sending it to Jackie Nichols. I cannot wait to receive from Milo Chin. This is going to be fun!

Thank you Ayala for hosting such creative activities. :)


Jackie Nichols’ work

Jackie Nichols

Milo Chin’s finished and titled, “Sweet Dreams”

Milo Chin

Thank you girls! :)

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