53: Magic View

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“Magic View” approximately 6″W x 9″H inches; mixed media on 140 lb archival watercolor paper $27 Unframed This painting was inspired by a photograph of Hannah Loaring of Further Bound (she’s a traveler, {awesome} writer and graphic designer) during her travel to Goa. The large tree caught me by surprise and I find myself itching to paint those branches circling gracefully towards the heaven. Majestic. I asked her for a title suggestion and she said that the tiny path that leads to this spot starts … Read More

52: Outburst

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“Outburst” watercolor on 4×6 watercolor paper I was invited to join the Face in the World hosted by Ayala. According to her this is about painting of a face by different people. So we all make one starting painting (as in: sketch, or texture, or just  a squiggle… anything to just “start” the piece, then we mail it to the person in our team. We are divided into groups of 3 members. I’ve drawn portraits before but not the whimsy kind and that … Read More

49: Rest

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  “Rest” Watercolor and pen on paper As much as I dislike having flu I am still thankful for the time that I can rest and just be still. I received a timely post about my exact feelings from Michele Theberge about Meander Time. According to her, meander time is that unstructured, unproductive, unhurried envelope in which there are no goals, no urgency towards completion, only a free and easy flow of listening to and following our quiet inclinations. I … Read More

47: Tulips Overflow

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“Tulips Overflow” Watercolor on paper It is the 3rd week of the free online class of Introduction to Art Concepts and Techniques at Coursera. It is my dream to study in art school but I am still grateful for this opportunity to learn the basics of art online and interact with fellow artists. The topic for that week is correspondence with memory– mail art! This mail art is entitled Tulips Overflow. The medium behind the work on the handmade envelope … Read More

Warmth in the Midst

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“Warmth in the Midst” Digital Painting I am so honored to have my work featured in the front cover of Ends of the Earth last issue e-zine. I am very thankful to the editor Anna Brock for choosing me to contribute. The theme is Feathers & Fish-tales. I did not publish any writing related to the artwork. But right now I am inspired to write a short poem that inspires it. Someone must have heard, The crunch and rustle of … Read More

46: Orchids Memory

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“Orchids Memory” Mixed Media on paper I love to paint what is around me especially the things that strike me as profound and unearthly. My dad bought orchids a few weeks ago but it died. All I was able to save was a simple sketch of the flower which prompt this painting. Orchids Memory is done in mixed media which uses acrylics for the orchids and watercolor for the background. I painted the orchids using a palette knife with acrylic paint. … Read More

45: Sweet Escape

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“Sweet Escape” 7″W x 5″H acrylics on 300 gsm archival watercolor paper $18 Unframed In the city where I lived there is the constant bustle of a typical city life. The daily pollution for the senses. I dreamed of a home where I can visit and stay sometimes. A home that is far and peaceful. Filled with nature without a doubt. Somewhere where I can rest and pray and paint quietly. As I begin to search for inspiration I know I had … Read More

44: Irises

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“Irises” watercolor on paper After painting in acrylics for quite a few days, I forgot how watercolor should be treated. Today this versatile medium reminded me that freedom is its name. I let go knowing that I will be guided by my intuition– the child in me at play. Boy, was it fun! *** I need some advice from you– Have you tried selling paintings (acrylics or watercolor) in watercolor paper? If so do you spray fixative or sealants on … Read More

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