49: Rest

49: Rest

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watercolor painting_Rest_Elisa Choi

“Rest” Watercolor and pen on paper

As much as I dislike having flu I am still thankful for the time that I can rest and just be still.

I received a timely post about my exact feelings from Michele Theberge about Meander Time. According to her, meander time is that unstructured, unproductive, unhurried envelope in which there are no goals, no urgency towards completion, only a free and easy flow of listening to and following our quiet inclinations.

I do believe that as artists we should get as much meander time as possible. Julia Cameron calls it an artist date.

I find myself inspired and connected with my inner child whenever I set out for a walk with nature, reading art books, writing my devotions, reading or even sketching my life. This is a conscious effort that we need to make for ourselves every single moment. There is no need to feel guilty of being unproductive as I would always like to remind myself.

As Michele puts it, there’s a delicate balance we artists ride between doing and being. Too much “being” can be a disguised form of avoidance. Too much “doing” and our creative well dries up because it is never replenished.

Have a restful weekend everyone!

PS* “Rest” is a mail art to be sent to someone from Russia. :)

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19 Responses

  1. christine

    Wonderfully peaceful piece!

  2. gloria

    Yes, it is very restful. The colors are soft and even the bird knows that it is ready for a rest. Nice job. Thanks.

  3. Zana

    You are so right we need rest to be creative, love your art.

  4. morag

    What very wise words! And how very true, the space we need to give ourselves is so often overlooked in the need to fill every moment. I will carry that thought forward, thanks so much for sharing!

  5. soulbrush

    How simple and how restful.Happy PPF to you.

  6. ilona

    Love the bird walking on the sticks adding a bit of life and movement to the quiet and piece of the scene :-)
    Get well soon and thank you for the reminder about doing and being

    Happy PPF
    Ilona xx

  7. Linda

    Love the idea of ‘Meander time’… something I will take note of just now is very timely. HPPF! xo L.

  8. giggles

    Beautiful painting…love the bird on the fence it pops right out!! Such sage words here! I used the quote ” If you want to be happy BE” You have summed up that quote perfectly. I’d wished I’d explained it more….When you just “be” you allow spirit to work through you, to hear messages and to find your creative magic!! The artist way in on top of my list of favorite books…
    Great post!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Anne

    Beautiful, love the washes!

  10. Susan

    Wonderfully peaceful painting and post. Thanks and happy PPF

  11. Jessica Sporn

    Meander time – I love that expression and will remember it as well as your meditative painting. Hope you feel better soon. Happy PPF!

  12. Annette G

    Love your beautiful scene and hope you are feeling better. Happy PPF, Annette x

  13. Corrine

    Restful is certainly present here in your watercolor.The lone pelican hanging out on the pilings is meandering I am sure. Hope you feel better and I am sure the recipient of your art will be thrilled. Happy PPF xox

  14. Nicole/Beadwright

    I see and feel the peace in this painting. I agree with your post as well. Have a very restful weekend

  15. Kim

    Beautiful and serene. HPPF!

  16. Faye

    Lis, your watercolor painting is super. Love the rainbow colors.

  17. Debbie Smith

    Beautiful piece, and post. I love the concept of ‘meander time.’ It describes my working process quite accurately! I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  18. sandra sherman

    Perfect title for such a restful and beautiful painting. i hope you recover from the flu soon:)

  19. JKW

    I love the colors and the media. Blessings, Janet PPF