It’s Time for Rekindle Memories (Plus Portable Painter Review)

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On the first week of July, 7 artists from 4 different countries participated in the Rekindle Memories where they sketched/ painted their lives, and savoured the moment that captured their interest.

I love the sense of connection that art brings. I enjoyed the heart warming stories that accompanied each artwork. What a pleasure it is to be able to take part in someone else’s memories. Please enjoy the sketches and paintings from these amazing artists!


Rekindle Memories will happen again on the 1st to 7th of August. Time flies! If you’re new, this event is about remembering and appreciating–the details, thoughts, feelings–of a place, person, thing and moment by sketching and painting our lives on-location wherever we are in the world!

Every first week of the month, we will all share one (or as many!) sketches/paintings of our lives that has captured our interest. We will tag our artworks with #rekindlememories and the country where you’re from (i.e. #singapore). You can post your artwork anywhere you wish in social media. Please don’t forget to use the hashtags so I can easily find your work! A gallery will be created to celebrate the inspiration of art made from around the world! I hope this month, there will be more who will join! Please mark your calendars! Yay! :)


PS: I have recently created a review of my favorite paint box called Portable Painter. I think this is one the most ingenious watercolor set I have ever seen. Please hop on here to see what I mean. :)

Portable Painter

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