September Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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Sketching our memories,
Past or present, 
Painful or joyful,
We learn and ponder,
We cry and laugh,
We appreciate and notice.
The drawn and painted memories,
The stories shared around the world,
Connect our hearts to each other,
To pray, inspire, encourage.

So thankful for these group of artists who shared a part of their wonderful memories through sketching and painting. Please enjoy their art and stories, and visit their art pages for more inspiration. :)

Melanie; New Zealand

WSA Artspost galleries and shop. The (blue) door on the far left takes you upstairs to the WSA (Waikato Society of Arts), where I go for my watercolour class. It was built in 1901 and was Hamiltons post and telegraph office.

Melanie Waikato Society of Arts

Janet; USA

The best model is another artist. So happy to discover this tranquil, beautiful place in honolulu.

Sketching is always more fun with friends. We drew the big tree next to @barefootbeachcafe during #EndlessSummer7


Throughly enjoyed urbansketching with @joelynchstudio at #saltkakaako. Working on the line weights. Discussing and strategizing about art and business with a fellow artist is motivation!


At low tide, the boat had nowhere to go. If it had legs, perhaps it could walk off into the distance, take a slight right, and arrive at a surf break called Cemetery.

Fernando, Brazil


Leyla; USA

I can’t believe that I have lived near this lake for over 20 years. When I visit it I always remember my dear mother in law who is no longer with us. The last three days were so unusually warm for this time of the year that I went swimming… better to say I went ‘floating’ and relaxing. I still have that child-like love for water! Do you enjoy swimming?

Carolyn; USA


Kate; USA



Based on a photo by Mary Lou McCambridge, it reminded me of my mom telling me about eating these at Carpenteria Beach — rolling them in the sand to get the prickles off.


June; USA

With all the squirrels now busily hiding acorns I was thinking of my sister in Florida who loves stringing popcorn for the birds……just doesn\’t always work out that way.

Elisa; Singapore

There’s a bazaar (malay word: pasar malam or night market) along the neighborhood. There’s a stall that sells fried food, and it has a floral table cloth that caught my interest. I quickly sketch a few lines and let the paints do all the work.


We had two servings of everything (which was unlimited), except for the fish and the potato ball (not drawn). It was deliciously flavorful and filling. I think my stomach was about to burst! Can you guess what cuisine is this?



Rekindle Memories will happen again on the 1st to 7th of October. If you’re new, this event is about treasuring each memory by remembering and appreciating life in all its wonder and beauty through sketching and painting on-location wherever we are in the world.

Every first week of the month, we will all create one (or as many!) sketches/paintings of our lives that has captured our interest. We will tag our artworks with #rekindlememories and the country where you’re from (i.e. #singapore). You can post your artwork anywhere you wish in social media. Please don’t forget to use the hashtags so I can easily find your work. A gallery of stories will be created to celebrate the inspiration of art made from around the world.

You are welcome to create and share sketches even if the event has already finished. If you wish to be with other Rekindle Memories artists, please join here.


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