September Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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Sketching our memories, Past or present,  Painful or joyful, We learn and ponder, We cry and laugh, We appreciate and notice. The drawn and painted memories, The stories shared around the world, Connect our hearts to each other, To pray, inspire, encourage. So thankful for these group of artists who shared a part of their wonderful memories through sketching and painting. Please enjoy their art and stories, and visit their art pages for more inspiration. :) Melanie; New Zealand WSA Artspost galleries … Read More

Perfection is Not the Point

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People at Food Master, pen and color pencil A friend of mine told me how one of my previous sketches is a bit out of proportion. Before answering, I paused and thought of the many reasons why artists or anyone cannot seem to begin something because they want to reach that state where they can tell themselves, “This is perfect! I am ready.” But in reality is we can never be ready unless we start at some point and learn from … Read More

Sketching at Ayala Museum

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I have been sketching on location for some time now and have written a number of posts about it. But I’ve never tried joining our local group here called the Urban Sketchers Philippines (USK PH) until last Saturday. The theme for March was Museum and the place where we sketched was at Ayala Museum.  I think the last time I visited this place was during our high school field trip when we were all wearing our P.E. uniforms. ;) That was … Read More

Airport Sketches

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I wasn’t able to sketch during our travel walks because we are always in a hurry hence the airport sketches. I adore sketching people better than architecture and things. I think because there is a certain excitement of capturing forms and actions in a quick manner. Sketching humans on location means to be able to adapt to changes and movements of people. You can see many of my unfinished sketches and broken lines. Sometimes I prefer to just draw their shoes. … Read More

Painting Day 18 and 19: See and Paint

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I was out all day on a Sunday. Driving lesson. Bonding with the boyfriend after a 1 week no meetup hiatus (it’s that long LOL). I brought my sketchbook with me and manage to draw while we’re just chilling at a cafe. Below is the leftover pieces of a Brandy Walnut Prune Cake. Very small slice. A Mother sat one table apart from us. I adore the prints of her blouse. For today’s painting I was studying Color— a course … Read More

Painting Day 14: Keep Learning

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I adore sketching. I do urban sketching (sketching on-location) as much as painting. Currently I am studying this wonderful book introduced by a local urban sketcher called “Fast Sketching Techniques by David Rankin“. The above is a quick sketch from a reference deer photo. Mr. Rankin advised to use a 9B graphite pencil when sketching because basically you can create values after the sketch by using a blending tool (artist stump or your fingers) in shading it. It’s a very … Read More

Musings: Sketching On-Location

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Sketching on-location is a challenge. Sometimes the actual subject changes because of the various outside elements. Below is an example. A man suddenly sat on the left side of the bench whilst I was almost done with the sketch. I wasn’t aware that I should have check the right side to complete the lower left part of this bench. Can you spot the awkward disconnection? Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy the process of sketching outdoors despite the distraction of … Read More

Reminiscing College

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It’s been a while since I last visited DLS-CSB. I sat down at the famous Plaza V–think Boracay beach or other beaches that has huts. I sat on one of the huts and started reminiscing for a bit the good old times as a student when we were still doing our thesis in this very spot, telling stories and secrets and meeting new people. I pull out my Derwent hardbound sketchbook and my Sakura Pigma Micron 3.0 Pen and started … Read More

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