45: Sweet Escape

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“Sweet Escape” 7″W x 5″H acrylics on 300 gsm archival watercolor paper $18 Unframed In the city where I lived there is the constant bustle of a typical city life. The daily pollution for the senses. I dreamed of a home where I can visit and stay sometimes. A home that is far and peaceful. Filled with nature without a doubt. Somewhere where I can rest and pray and paint quietly. As I begin to search for inspiration I know I had … Read More

Painting Day 36

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“Home” acrylic on watercolor paper For some reason when I pick up my acrylic paints, All I can think about to paint is structure. Like post, wall, bricks, pattern. And usually I leave something atmospheric among the crowd. Something alive. Most of the time I don’t know the outcome of my painting (unless it’s planned). It always just present itself. Like watching a series where the events slowly unfold. Leaving the painter nothing but excitement.

Christmas Card Swap

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I joined a Christmas card swap over here at Willowing. My partner is Amy Malaise and among the many interesting things about her I decided to create a painting of a Christmas book display inspired by a photo in the internet. She loves books a lot! Christmas Book Display: Acrylic painting on 5 x 5 watercolor paper I also painted a bookmark for her with a black cat because she adores them. Now she can read many books at once!  Black … Read More