How to Turn a Catalogue Into Gift Wrapper

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Whatever things I own or receive, whether used, gifts or even junk mails, I always ask myself: how can I make the best use of it? I bought a present for a dear friend’s birthday and I was thinking what material to wrap it with because I am not a fan of buying gift wrapper. Suddenly, in a spur of inspiration, I thought of painting the pages of a catalogue and turning it into an awesome gift wrapper. Hooray! The materials you need are: Any … Read More

Turn Mistakes Into Something Wonderful (and a Giveaway!)

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Eiffel Tower Painting in acrylic by a 7 yr old artist “Oh no, I have blobs of black paint on the sky!” Previously, I would have been frustrated by my student’s lack of focus. I would have reprimanded her carelessness and utter many words of do’s and don’ts. I would have thought of ways to remove or cover the black blob, perhaps asking her to repaint a portion of that sunset sky… That was my old “trying to be firm with my students” … Read More

How to Paint Washer Necklace in Acrylics

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Materials on painting washer necklace I was asked to join an accessory swap organized by the talented crafter Nica Cosio. I have never made accessories before but was encouraged to at least try. Wanting to incorporate paints somewhere on the accessory, I stumbled upon tutorials on how to paint washer jewelry. Inspired, I made my own version. Sharing the steps below and hoping that it will inspire you to try making one. :) Step 1: Buy the washers at a hardware store and choose the one with … Read More

Paintings for Running with Brushes

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Dancing Trees: Acrylic on approx 4″W x 6″H archival watercolor paper The first time that I have heard of Vandy Massey‘s wonderful project called Running with Brushes (RWB) I did not hesitate to join in the collaboration. This is what it is all about as stated in their website: Running With Brushes is a very personal challenge to us, on many levels. This year (2013) our younger son joined Rifles. Over his year of training at Sandhurst we have become increasingly … Read More

53: Magic View

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“Magic View” approximately 6″W x 9″H inches; mixed media on 140 lb archival watercolor paper $27 Unframed This painting was inspired by a photograph of Hannah Loaring of Further Bound (she’s a traveler, {awesome} writer and graphic designer) during her travel to Goa. The large tree caught me by surprise and I find myself itching to paint those branches circling gracefully towards the heaven. Majestic. I asked her for a title suggestion and she said that the tiny path that leads to this spot starts … Read More

46: Orchids Memory

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“Orchids Memory” Mixed Media on paper I love to paint what is around me especially the things that strike me as profound and unearthly. My dad bought orchids a few weeks ago but it died. All I was able to save was a simple sketch of the flower which prompt this painting. Orchids Memory is done in mixed media which uses acrylics for the orchids and watercolor for the background. I painted the orchids using a palette knife with acrylic paint. … Read More

45: Sweet Escape

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“Sweet Escape” 7″W x 5″H acrylics on 300 gsm archival watercolor paper $18 Unframed In the city where I lived there is the constant bustle of a typical city life. The daily pollution for the senses. I dreamed of a home where I can visit and stay sometimes. A home that is far and peaceful. Filled with nature without a doubt. Somewhere where I can rest and pray and paint quietly. As I begin to search for inspiration I know I had … Read More

Painting Day 36

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“Home” acrylic on watercolor paper For some reason when I pick up my acrylic paints, All I can think about to paint is structure. Like post, wall, bricks, pattern. And usually I leave something atmospheric among the crowd. Something alive. Most of the time I don’t know the outcome of my painting (unless it’s planned). It always just present itself. Like watching a series where the events slowly unfold. Leaving the painter nothing but excitement.

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