Postcard to Inspire Swap Gallery (Jan-Feb 2017)

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I love the diversity of artists from around the world who have participated in the Postcard to Inspire Swap from January to February 2017. Their sketches and paintings of their lives were accompanied with stories that gave a glimpse of their lives and culture. I like the different subjects ranging from nature, architecture, people, places, food and animals. I hope they enjoy getting to know one another through art! I am delighted to share with you the wonderful postcard gallery from 10 (wow!) different countries. … Read More

Postcard to Inspire Swap

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Painting on bed Savoring each moment. That’s what I love most when I slow down and make time to sketch and paint the life around me. Last weekend morning, I woke up a little earlier and watched my husband sleeping peacefully by my side. Instinctively, I traced the contour of his face with my eyes and said to myself, you know what, I am going to sketch and paint him. Gingerly, I grabbed my sketchbook and pen. There were many imperfections–the other arm … Read More

Local Postcard Swap

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I have been a participant of postcard swaps since 2012 but it involves international recipients. I also joined Postcrossing where one creates a postcard and sends it to someone across the world. One will receive a postcard from a random person in return. I think this is a fun way to get to know a stranger, don’t you think? However, I realized that this is my first ever local postcard swap that involved more people. I remembered how I told Michiko of … Read More