Sketch Your Life: Student Gallery Part 3 of 4

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Every time I look at the sketches of my students I get a glimpse of their lives, the process on how they create art and a feeling of connection with them no matter the distance and the differences. I present to you the third batch of artists sketching their lives. There is a part 4 coming up in a couple of weeks. If you miss the previous galleries, please see part 1 and part 2.  

Sketch Your Life: Student Project Gallery Part 2 of 4

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These second batch of artists inspire me a lot because they have managed to sketch their lives for a month despite how they feel, no matter how busy their lives were. They never give up and they keep going. Their stories are inspirational and chock full of interesting tidbits about themselves. Their works are unique and personal. Their enthusiasm to learn is contagious. Come and enjoy these sketches!     See part 1 here. Stay tuned for part 3! Come and join us … Read More

Sketch Your Life: Student Project Gallery Part 1 of 4

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The learning journeys of my students inspire me. Stories of struggling sketching in pen or not having made art for a lot of years or even fear didn’t stop them from persevering in taking that first step to learn, sketch, paint, make mistakes, learn, sketch… Getting to know their stories through sketches and paints is a wonderful experience!   See part 2 here! Hope you are inspired as I am to sketch your life!