Illustrating for Freya Pickard

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Last year, author Freya Pickard and I had another collaboration. She wanted me to create a series of illustrations for her newsletter and Pure Haiku for 2022. The first one was a volcano for Pure Haiku. She wanted the left side to be grassy, with flowers blooming and a dormant volcano, while the right side is a dark sky and lava pouring from an erupted volcano. I lightly sketched the elements and created a dividing line. I used watercolor to … Read More

Slippery Chameleon

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Author Freya Pickard is working on another story called Arturina. She wanted a picture to portray a space opera. Like the previous collaboration, she gave me free rein to draw whatever that inspires me from her collections of Pinterest images. I chose the chameleon because its skin looks interesting to paint! Freya said that the chameleon in her story is a slippery one because it changes its shape a lot and he cannot remember his original form! He is both … Read More


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Author Freya Pickard needs a picture to portray a character in her novel Hrukham. I’m excited for another collaboration with this creative writer. I checked her collection of inspiration over on her Pinterest board and decided on a sunset grassland image. Freya shared that the image depicts the grassland of the southern plains. They are verdant and filled with life, but, from beyond their borders, an evil threatens that kills and maims and poisons the land. I’m sharing my process … Read More

Lady Parsley Wigglinis

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The author Freya Pickard and I had another collaboration. For her Dragonscale Clippings, she wanted me to illustrate Parsley who has long, reddish hair in ringlets, green eyes, and pale skin. She is looking annoyed with her hands on her hips. Writing down the specification helps organize my thoughts. I did some research and roughly sketched Parsley and a variation of her annoyed facial expressions. I transferred the ideas into watercolor paper. I enjoyed painting the different shades of greens … Read More

Dancing Goddess for Pure Haiku

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The author, Freya Pickard wanted me to create an image for her Pure Haiku website (where she publishes her own + other peoples’ traditional haiku). She wanted a female character, possibly a goddess or angel. She is fire and water, ice and electricity. There will be lots of bright colors, energy and swirling lines. She is dancing and turning about. I began to write down the guidelines on a notebook. I checked Freya’s Pinterest board for inspiration and did additional … Read More

August 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery

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One artist shared that art is a wonderful way to express “stuff” that is so hard to put into words. Sometimes there’s no words to describe how we feel or express how beautiful something is. Making memories through art helps us to share the beauty of what we have savoured with others. Whether it’s sketching, painting, making collage, writing… I think art helps us process life in a profound way. This August, we have 17 artists participating in 11 countries … Read More

July 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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What an awesome July gallery! We have 13 artists participating from 10 countries around the world. I’m so thankful for this small group of wonderful artists whom I get to know through their art and stories. I’m inspired to witness their creative journey–learning by taking creative risks, using their imagination, infusing their artworks with their own personal styles and sharing milestones of their lives. There’s so much richness in this hashtag #rekindlememories over at Instagram. Some artists still continue to … Read More

June 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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I was struck by what Kay said about Rekindle Memories– that she wants a hard copy of her memories. Sometimes, I wonder out loud… what would I do with all the finished sketchbooks? There’s not enough space. Going digital is the way, right? But there’s something comforting about holding a pen and a sketchbook. The vivid details are remembered fully. Memories become richer and alive. It’s worth it, isn’t it? Here’s June gallery and stories for you..with some of my … Read More

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