June 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

June 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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I was struck by what Kay said about Rekindle Memories– that she wants a hard copy of her memories. Sometimes, I wonder out loud… what would I do with all the finished sketchbooks? There’s not enough space. Going digital is the way, right? But there’s something comforting about holding a pen and a sketchbook. The vivid details are remembered fully. Memories become richer and alive. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

Here’s June gallery and stories for you..with some of my musings and links to the artists’ pages. Thank you to these amazing and creative individuals who have shared their wonderful memories. *High five!*


Yana; Brussels

Yana chronicle her stories inspired by her life and other observations in surrealistic drawings. Her work makes me think, relate and wonder.


Valeriya; Russia

This illustration feels so real.. as if the person is just standing in front of you, with the sunlight shining through her… and flowers brightening one’s day. Simple things in life are something to be thankful for.


Rina; Philippines

I am inspired by Rina’s courage to try a new medium (watercolor!) and to share about how art has helped in her challenges. Keep going, Rina!


Merry; Uruguay

Merry’s artwork surprises me… she used her creativity to create a memory. She reminds me that you can use any medium and surface, even with your finger and some fog on the window to make something interesting.


Mel; New Zealand

I could feel Mel savoring the scenery as she observes the life around her. It’s evident in her loose expressive sketches. Confident lines, hatching and simplicity.


Kay; Philippines

I think I can almost “feel” the texture and the emotions  in Kay’s artwork. The expressive lines, the intense color pencil marks, the layering of colors…  and that avocado toast.. I want to try so bad.


June; USA

June’s garden is rich and teeming with life.. from a variety of mushrooms, to mulberry tree, to flower of sorts.. I’m glad to have a glimpse of it through her paintings.


Heidi; Philippines

Heidi shares the wonders of her home country through her beautiful paintings seasoned with interesting facts about each. I enjoyed and learned a lot from her.


Fernando; Brazil

Fernando has been painting and drawing daily. I’m amazed to see his growing gallery of artworks. He never stops learning new ways of making art  while infusing his personal style on every work.


Dominik; Germany

Dominik is another passionate artist who makes art even when he feels unwell. It’s refreshing to the eyes to see the many greens in his paintings. The sceneries are wonderful to behold.


Carolyn; USA

I can feel the enjoyment in Carolyn’s painting of flowers which is her favorite subject to paint. Because of her flower paintings, I am learning the names of these wonderful florals. I’m inspired by her perseverance in making art–thinking of ways to edit and learn from the process.


Alisa; Germany

I’m thankful to have a glimpse of this peaceful place in Lustica Bay painted by Alisa. Her painting leads my eye along the winding path toward the mountains. I can even see birds flying about in the distance. Such a charming painting.


Rekindle Memories will happen again on the 1st to 7th of July. This event is about treasuring each memory (past or present) by remembering and appreciating life in all its wonder and beauty through sketching and painting wherever we are in the world.

How it works
1. Every first week of the month, create one (or as many!) sketches/paintings inspired by your life.
2. Share your artworks and tag #rekindlememories. No social media? Email your artworks: lis@harmonythoughts.com
3. If you know anyone who would like to take part on this art challenge, please invite them to join the fun! If you wish to be with other Rekindle Memories artists, please go here.

Note: Rekindle Memories FAQ, gallery and stories here.

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