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I got another new set of “toys” to play with and that is none other than the watercolor pencils from Derwent! Thanks to my boyfriend who has given me this gorgeous set! I am loving my art toys so far!

I can’t wait to try them and so I grabbed my sketchbook and a chair and hop outside for some garden drawing. There is this beautiful colored plant that caught my attention and I sketched it right away. I traced it with my Micron Pigma 3.0 and then started to color them with watercolor pencils much like how you use a color pencil. Then I use a round brush 6 dipping it a bit on water and started to gently brush the color on the paper and voila! Here is my painting of the pink with prussian blue + black strikes plant!

I love how it is very easy to mix and control the paint around with watercolor pencils. The two colors don’t bleed much into one another because of the little water used.

But of course watercolor paints are great to use as well. I love the medium very much and I am going to practice more whether it’s watercolor pencil or watercolor paint.

Have you ever tried watercolor pencil? Let me know how you find it!

Please join me at Paint Part Friday hosted by Kristin and Eva for some inspiration and appreciation of art. Happy weekend everyone!

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34 Responses

  1. Laurie

    beautiful,, I love these pencils,, and the sharperner is great too!

  2. Pop Art Minis

    Love how your watercolor pencil drawing/painting has turned out. Always fun to test drive a new art toy! ENJOY! Happy Creating! POP ART MINIS

  3. Carol

    Love your style and experimenting and aren’t Art Toys wonderful items! And such a wonderful boyfriend ~ enjoy the weekend ~

    New to PPF ~ come visit ~ Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor ~ thanx ~ Carol (artmusedog)

  4. Mari

    I think I’ll use these pencils, I like the result you’re getting with them. Regards.

  5. Pointypix

    This is lovely – I do love watercolour and ink together and yes, I’ve used watercolour pencils although not for a while now. I do like them as they are sometimes a little easier to control!

  6. Annette G

    Happy PPF. Lovely artwork. I use watercolour pencils in some of my Sketch Journals as you don’t have to use hardly any water to move it, so thats fine for me. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  7. gloria

    Love those pencils and your artwork is awesome. Really nice, thanks for sharing.

  8. Scarlet Designs

    I love playing with watercolour pencils so much and I am so pleased you liked them. Your sketch is wonderful and I hope you have lots of fun playing about with them. Happy PPF x

    Ps…..if you love these pencils try their inktense ones….these are richer than watercolour pencils but are permanent so you can’t wash the colour off once it’s on – but I love them!

  9. Marcia Beckett

    I use watercolor pencils in my elementary art classroom. The kids think they are magical. I like your painting! Happy PPF. Marcia at http://marciabeckett.blogspot.com

  10. Sheri

    I love watercolor pencils and your work is wonderful! HAPPY PPF!

  11. Julie

    I love getting new art toys and what you created here is so pretty!

  12. geckostone

    Oh thank you! I have been wanting to try the pencils but I never knew how to use them!!! Can’t wait to try! Your painting came out beautiful!!!! Deb

  13. Jen

    Yay! New art “toys” are so much fun! I love your picture. I do use watercolor pencils sometimes, but tend to use watercolor crayons most of the time. I am not sure why. But, now I am wanting to go give them another try! :) Thank you for sharing.

  14. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Jen! You should definitely try them because it’s worth it! :)

  15. Elisa Choi

    You are welcome Deb! Go ahead and have fun!

  16. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Julie.. I am always excited to receive one! ;)

  17. Elisa Choi

    Sheri, thanks a lot. Glad you love that tool ! :)

  18. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Marcia! I think they’re magical too! I love them! :)

  19. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much for the tip! I love them and I am looking forward to learn more about them and perhaps try your suggestion as well! Thanks a lot!

  20. Elisa Choi

    Thank you Gloria!

  21. Elisa Choi

    I agree. Watercolor pencil is very versatile in a sense that we can bring them anywhere and just color away.. either just as color pencil or paint! Thanks a lot!

  22. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I definitely want to learn more about them! They are also great with ink..:)

  23. Elisa Choi

    Go ahead and enjoy Mari! Thanks for dropping by:)

  24. Elisa Choi

    Hello Carol, thanks a lot for your sweet words! He is very wonderful indeed:) I am loving the art toy so far!

  25. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much! I love to try new mediums as much as possible!

  26. Elisa Choi

    Thank you Laurie! Yes, I love them… freshly sharpened they are..:)

  27. Melisa

    That’s a pretty plant! I use watercolor pencils sometimes and really like them, especially in a sketchbook. They completely different from watercolor paint so I like having both!

  28. EVA

    Well done! Yes I enjoy watercolour pencils (and crayons very much).

    Love that plant. I painted one in Mexico when I was there – do you know what it is?

  29. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Eva. I’m sorry but I don’t know the name of this plant… but I love the beautiful colors of it.. :) It’s so much fun painting right!

  30. Elisa Choi

    Thanks a lot Melissa! Yes they are different at first.. but once you put on water.. they are almost the same! There will be pros and cons on both but they are equally fun to use:)

  31. carlarey

    Terrific sketch ,and I love the photo of the shiny new pencils as well.

  32. Phoenixpeacock

    I really enjoy the mixture of techniques used. both the plant and then the spotted bottom of the page

  33. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much for your observation and for dropping by!

  34. Elisa Choi

    Thank you very much for your kind words carla!

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