Painting Day 14: Keep Learning

Painting Day 14: Keep Learning

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deer watercolor painting

I adore sketching. I do urban sketching (sketching on-location) as much as painting. Currently I am studying this wonderful book introduced by a local urban sketcher called “Fast Sketching Techniques by David Rankin“. The above is a quick sketch from a reference deer photo. Mr. Rankin advised to use a 9B graphite pencil when sketching because basically you can create values after the sketch by using a blending tool (artist stump or your fingers) in shading it. It’s a very bold pencil after all.

I apply a light mixture wash of burnt sienna and pthalo blue for the painting. I love the way the colors suggest where the light and shadow are without having to paint in detail.

The learning process never stops. And the one thing that I keep reminding myself is to keep learning. We never run out of things to learn, do you agree? One moment I have learned this and then another new idea or knowledge is introduce. It’s a never ending process.

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2 Responses

  1. anne

    There are always more and more and more things to learn and that is a really exciting thought!

    Love your deer sketch.

  2. Elisa Choi

    Thank you Anne!:) Learning is limitless and exciting indeed!

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