Sketching at Ayala Museum

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I have been sketching on location for some time now and have written a number of posts about it. But I’ve never tried joining our local group here called the Urban Sketchers Philippines (USK PH) until last Saturday. The theme for March was Museum and the place where we sketched was at Ayala Museum.  I think the last time I visited this place was during our high school field trip when we were all wearing our P.E. uniforms. ;) That was … Read More

Sketch People

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“Sketch People” ink on sketchbook I love sketching people. I particularly find comfort to sketch them in private like when they are busy or when their backs are turn on me. There will be times when I find myself sketching them up front. I caught their eyes staring at me. For a moment I feel a wash of shame because they might thought that I am being disrespectful. But those were just my thoughts. Because who knows what they were … Read More

Painting Day 14: Keep Learning

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I adore sketching. I do urban sketching (sketching on-location) as much as painting. Currently I am studying this wonderful book introduced by a local urban sketcher called “Fast Sketching Techniques by David Rankin“. The above is a quick sketch from a reference deer photo. Mr. Rankin advised to use a 9B graphite pencil when sketching because basically you can create values after the sketch by using a blending tool (artist stump or your fingers) in shading it. It’s a very … Read More