Jane Austen Project

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Emma, Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion— the client’s favourite Jane Austen novels accompanied by the stories’ wonderful locations. I haven’t read the timeless novels yet but this project makes me want to flip through one right away.  As always I began any work with a draft sketch and painting. Though this project meant to have 3 separate paintings I have put them all together. Jane Austen Project Draft Below are the initial pencil drawings. I particularly had a challenging time with … Read More

Painting Day 21: Paint the Wheel with Colors

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I am still studying Colors. Today I started building up the color wheel as instructed by Dr. Betty Edwards. Primary Colors (Yellow, Red, Blue) Secondary colors (Orange, Violet, Green)– they cannot be achieved by mixing 2 primaries since it creates muddy versions. Thereby manufacturers created separate pigments for them. Tertiary Colors (Yellow orange, red orange, red violet, blue violet, blue green, yellow green). They are created by mixing 1 primary with 1 secondary except for red violet where Alizarin Crimson … Read More

Painting Day 18 and 19: See and Paint

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I was out all day on a Sunday. Driving lesson. Bonding with the boyfriend after a 1 week no meetup hiatus (it’s that long LOL). I brought my sketchbook with me and manage to draw while we’re just chilling at a cafe. Below is the leftover pieces of a Brandy Walnut Prune Cake. Very small slice. A Mother sat one table apart from us. I adore the prints of her blouse. For today’s painting I was studying Color— a course … Read More