Teaching Painting

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It has always been my desire to teach painting but I guess teaching painting is quite different from painting itself. I mean when I paint I feel so focused and in the “zone” that I am not actually thinking of the way or steps that I paint. But when I get to teach that, I find it challenging because I need to actually verbalize the steps and be able to translate from what is vague and difficult to manageable and … Read More

Jane Austen Project

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Emma, Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion— the client’s favourite Jane Austen novels accompanied by the stories’ wonderful locations. I haven’t read the timeless novels yet but this project makes me want to flip through one right away.  As always I began any work with a draft sketch and painting. Though this project meant to have 3 separate paintings I have put them all together. Jane Austen Project Draft Below are the initial pencil drawings. I particularly had a challenging time with … Read More

41: Peafowl

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Peafowl in watercolor There is something thrilling about painting without an initial sketch. The result is often a pleasant surprise since there is not a clue on how a painting will turn out. Every dance of the brushstroke and flow of the colors portray freedom. As I slowly progress on my journey as an Artist, I hope to step out in faith while I anticipate God’s vision for me. To wait means to get to work, to plant seeds while God gives the growth. There is a … Read More