48: Yellow Green Patch

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Yellow Green Patch I am still doing the 500 paintings challenge. The progress is slow but I paint whenever possible. I also begin to use some reference photos from Paint My Photo for some of my landscape paintings since I have only a few photos of them. This month is also called Paint Along October for Dana and I (plus you) as we will be painting daily for 30 days. It doesn’t have to be finished pieces or daily or perfect works of art. The important thing … Read More

33: Elephant Family

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Many times I have caught myself in a cycle of wanting to please people with my art, comparing my work with that of many successful artists, wishing to make more money and joining the bandwagon of doing what you love. While there is nothing wrong with the above-mentioned, I find that art and the world in general is not about me at all. It is about honoring God with the work and skills he has given us and drawing others … Read More