48: Yellow Green Patch

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Yellow Green Patch I am still doing the 500 paintings challenge. The progress is slow but I paint whenever possible. I also begin to use some reference photos from Paint My Photo for some of my landscape paintings since I have only a few photos of them. This month is also called Paint Along October for Dana and I (plus you) as we will be painting daily for 30 days. It doesn’t have to be finished pieces or daily or perfect works of art. The important thing … Read More

41: Peafowl

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Peafowl in watercolor There is something thrilling about painting without an initial sketch. The result is often a pleasant surprise since there is not a clue on how a painting will turn out. Every dance of the brushstroke and flow of the colors portray freedom. As I slowly progress on my journey as an Artist, I hope to step out in faith while I anticipate God’s vision for me. To wait means to get to work, to plant seeds while God gives the growth. There is a … Read More