48: Yellow Green Patch

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Yellow Green Patch I am still doing the 500 paintings challenge. The progress is slow but I paint whenever possible. I also begin to use some reference photos from Paint My Photo for some of my landscape paintings since I have only a few photos of them. This month is also called Paint Along October for Dana and I (plus you) as we will be painting daily for 30 days. It doesn’t have to be finished pieces or daily or perfect works of art. The important thing … Read More

30: Hello Panda

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Who doesn’t like pandas? I think they are the fluffiest and cutest creature on earth! I can still remember when we visited the Giant Panda Pavillion at Macau last March. We just literally stared at the glass pane and watched the panda munched on several bamboo sticks for a long time. We didn’t get bored at all. I use the Paint My Photo for a non copyright photo of a panda for my painting reference. I’m sharing simple steps below on how to paint panda in … Read More

27: Warmth

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Elephants are one of my favorite animals. They are huge and may seem quite intimidating but they exude warmth and calm. I think I have never painted animals before and so May will be a theme of just painting them. I might reference from some non copyright photos at Paint My Photo since I don’t photograph animals much. In this painting, I used a variety of earthy colors. I started with yellow ochre for the lighter areas then quickly added burnt sienna … Read More