Painting Day 27: Switch Light and Revelation

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I painted this study light called Switch Light at our living room. This is used by my Dad whenever he reads newspaper at night while watching T.V. I often imagine having a Switch Light on my bed side table so that I can read without having to open the main light. But I still manage without it. I have been thinking a lot about how I can step up in terms of my dreams. But really all I could do right … Read More

Painting Day 24: Create Wherever You Are

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I bring a small sketchbook with me everywhere I go. Whenever I had the opportunity to sketch, I sketch. I use a Pen. And as you can see there are crooked lines and the stem is out of the bottle. The bottle itself is out of shape too. There’s no way I can erase those mistakes. And it’s perfectly okay. I use a water brush and the water oozes too much onto the paper. With paint too. It is a … Read More

Painting Day 18 and 19: See and Paint

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I was out all day on a Sunday. Driving lesson. Bonding with the boyfriend after a 1 week no meetup hiatus (it’s that long LOL). I brought my sketchbook with me and manage to draw while we’re just chilling at a cafe. Below is the leftover pieces of a Brandy Walnut Prune Cake. Very small slice. A Mother sat one table apart from us. I adore the prints of her blouse. For today’s painting I was studying Color— a course … Read More

Musings: Sketching On-Location

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Sketching on-location is a challenge. Sometimes the actual subject changes because of the various outside elements. Below is an example. A man suddenly sat on the left side of the bench whilst I was almost done with the sketch. I wasn’t aware that I should have check the right side to complete the lower left part of this bench. Can you spot the awkward disconnection? Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy the process of sketching outdoors despite the distraction of … Read More

Reminiscing College

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It’s been a while since I last visited DLS-CSB. I sat down at the famous Plaza V–think Boracay beach or other beaches that has huts. I sat on one of the huts and started reminiscing for a bit the good old times as a student when we were still doing our thesis in this very spot, telling stories and secrets and meeting new people. I pull out my Derwent hardbound sketchbook and my Sakura Pigma Micron 3.0 Pen and started … Read More

Drawing Inspiration

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This quick sketch (in watercolor) was done during the external audit for ISO20K. I am working under the Quality Services Team. The external auditor from BSI (British Standards Institution) is from New Delhi India but he said he is currently residing in Singapore as part of his work. I admire him very much because of his intelligence, humor and stories. We learned a lot from him during his two-day stay. Whenever I look at him I can’t help but hope that … Read More

Make Time for You and Art

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The above is a quick sketch of a dog inside a bag at a tea shop. I did not include the man who owns both because he is soon to leave. Since I have done it on a normal paper I cannot color it with watercolor so I photographed it instead and rendered the colors digitally. Then I added some snowflakes because that idea has been in my head for a while. I love how the dog fits inside the … Read More

Sketch Fest

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In light with the celebration of Philippine Independence Day, Manila Bulletin hosted an event last June 11, 2011 at the Ayala Triangle Makati City called Sketch Fest with the theme of Freedom of Expression. People from all walks of life registered in the on-the-spot drawing contest showcasing their own interpretation and creativity. It’s my first time to join an art contest.

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