Painting Day 34 & 35

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“Ruins” Acrylic on paper “Burst” Acrylic on paper I am eating paint for breakfast. Although my breakfast is always a typical oatmeal, bread and egg, My approach to painting has been nothing but intuitive play. Like a child dabbing on a color and applying it confidently onto canvas, I trust the process of creating. It warms my heart to know that God created this world out of nothing. He inspires me to create a masterpiece out of a blank paper. … Read More

On God

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I have known God since I was a little girl when my parents enrolled me in a Catholic school. I know him in the stories of the Bible. I know that I cannot see him but I can possibly hear or feel him. But he sees us wherever we are. God is my everything. Words cannot be written to explain the grandiosity of God. Arts cannot be created to reveal the beauty of his majesty. All I know is this: … Read More

Merry Mail Swap

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It’s actually a first for me to join a mail swap from my own country as I’ve joined most from other countries. LOL. I am happy and thankful for this Merry Mail Swap hosted by the creative Mansy. She sells wonderful washi tapes too! I hope to get my hands on two of my favorites washi tapes soon! :D We are to fill a 6 x 9 package with something Christmas-y. My assigned partner was Lisane B. She loves to … Read More

Christmas Card Swap

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I joined a Christmas card swap over here at Willowing. My partner is Amy Malaise and among the many interesting things about her I decided to create a painting of a Christmas book display inspired by a photo in the internet. She loves books a lot! Christmas Book Display: Acrylic painting on 5 x 5 watercolor paper I also painted a bookmark for her with a black cat because she adores them. Now she can read many books at once!  Black … Read More

Lifelong Fan

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To all of you Artists, who think that this dream seems impossible because of a lot of reasons but still make time to create something simple everyday, who struggle with obstacles and challenges in life but never give up, who paint fearless, who create God inspired artworks, who take a break and pause and thus become more aware of being alive, who use time wisely with plenty of play, who give lovely comments and provide helpful advice, who share your … Read More

Black and White

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An unplanned black and white painting that turned out surprising. The result reminds me of winter. Though we don’t have winter here. Black and white is not the absence of colors or colorful colors. It’s the beginning of one. Blessings to all of you especially at the U.S area. Huge Hugs! *** Fall Fearless and Fly Color Prompt:  Black and white

Bare Tree

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My triumph and defeat lies in the way I think about myself and my circumstances. I compare myself to a tree that has been stripped from its leaves due to the changing seasons and yet it still stands tall and beautiful. We have all experienced hardships and trials in life. And always we emerged out of it stronger than ever. Often we feel like giving up. We complain. We blame. We cry. But just like the bare trees we still … Read More

Taking Leap of Faith

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Taking a leap of faith is like taking that first (scary!) step towards the beautiful dark tunnel of the unknown and then emerging with a sense of hope, strength and freedom. Pure joy. I always listen to my heart where God speaks in me before I take any chances. Is what I want to do align with what God wants me to do? Is what I am about to do bring Him glory? I listen in stillness and in solitude. … Read More

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