July 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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What an awesome July gallery! We have 13 artists participating from 10 countries around the world. I’m so thankful for this small group of wonderful artists whom I get to know through their art and stories. I’m inspired to witness their creative journey–learning by taking creative risks, using their imagination, infusing their artworks with their own personal styles and sharing milestones of their lives. There’s so much richness in this hashtag #rekindlememories over at Instagram. Some artists still continue to … Read More

June 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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I was struck by what Kay said about Rekindle Memories– that she wants a hard copy of her memories. Sometimes, I wonder out loud… what would I do with all the finished sketchbooks? There’s not enough space. Going digital is the way, right? But there’s something comforting about holding a pen and a sketchbook. The vivid details are remembered fully. Memories become richer and alive. It’s worth it, isn’t it? Here’s June gallery and stories for you..with some of my … Read More

May 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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As I gather the precious memories shared by these artists, I can’t help but admire the distinct style of each of their artworks. I also notice how most of them visited each other’s pages on Instagram (#rekindlememories) and gave encouraging feedback. So instead of repeating the stories shared by the artists from Instagram to this blogpost, I will write my impressions on how each of the memories have touched me (and others). I’m immensely thankful for each of their invaluable … Read More

April 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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My sister Ema said that Rekindle Memories is a great avenue to share art works with people that means a lot personally. Her words warm my heart, and may I add that it’s such a treat to see the variety of themes in this April’s roundup! From creative illustrations to the beauty of nature, to architecture and sketches of one’s life– you guys are a source of inspiration! Enjoy April’s gallery and stories! Dominik; Germany Happy Easter! Those colorful eggs are a nice … Read More

March 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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One friend said that Rekindle Memories is making her record happy times on paper… Making memories come alive by sketching and painting them not only make us rekindle the happy old times but it also forge new memories as we notice one thing today that captures our interest. What a way to savor and be grateful for each moment, don’t you think? Making art depends upon noticing things– things about yourself, your methods, your subject matter. Sooner or later, for instance, every visual artist notices … Read More

Edge of a Dark Woodland

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Collaborating with an author who writes imaginative stories challenges my creativity. I know I have said this numerous times before but I’m thankful to Freya for this opportunity to create artworks that I have not dared myself to create. I think that’s one great thing about working with someone from a different creative field. Freya Pickard wanted me to create an eerie, sinister feeling of a painting, because that’s how the characters were right from the beginning of the story. They were at the … Read More

February 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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“Thank goodness for Elisa’s 7 day challenges“, said one artist friend about Rekindle Memories. Her statement made me think that yes, Rekindle Memories is not just about sketching, painting and sharing our wonderful memories but it’s also an opportunity to try a new medium, to sketch and paint something out of our comfort zone and most of all to learn and enjoy the process of creating art. What better way than to make art together with other artists from around the world? Without … Read More

January 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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What a great way to start the New Year—rekindling memories through sketching and painting! I enjoyed reading and compiling all the beautiful memories created by the amazing artists across 6 countries around the world. I appreciate the variety of styles and story telling, the learning and the inspiration brought about by the memories of a person, place, thing or event. I hope you’ll enjoy the January gallery and stories, and visit the sites of these artists to show some love and support! Janet; USA Surf … Read More

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