On Nourishing Creativity and Imagination

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Telunas Beach Indonesia (watercolor and pen on paper) Creativity is about making time to create something meaningful. Children are one of the most creative people that I know. They think of ideas, try them out and get their hands dirty. They create from a place that is full of wonder and joy. The truth: we are all creative because God is creative. However, it slowly began to diminish the moment we get affected by criticism and lack of support, consume too much media, … Read More

Art Ed Now Summer 2016 Conference

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photo by Art of Education Everyday I desire to be a better teacher. After a (tiring) day of facing kids–guiding them on how to draw and paint and nurturing their creativity, I give thanks to the Lord for his grace in this work, and think about how and what to improve next. I stumbled upon the Art of Education a year ago when I started teaching. It’s a rich resource for Art Teachers. They also host online conferences that provide Art Teachers … Read More

Stilt Hut on Sea

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I have never felt so close to the waves crashing beneath the plank wood floor and its sound echoing around the four walls of the stilt hut. I felt so near the sea. I have never walked along the shore during low tide and witnessed many crabs migrate their way home. Whenever I looked at this sketch, I remember the time when I was at our room’s balcony…inhaling the salty air while sketching furiously. I was scared of the sea yet I like being near it.  Time at … Read More

Sketch Your Life: Student Gallery Part 4 of 4

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I can attest that sketching from life is challenging (especially using a pen!) yet very rewarding. I don’t think about making my sketches perfect or else I might as well feel intimidated of even starting at all. All I care about is the experience of savouring the life around me and the tremendous learning that happens whenever I step out in faith to do something that undoubtedly scares me (at first) but by the grace of God I am strengthen to do whatever … Read More

Sketch Your Life: Student Gallery Part 3 of 4

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Every time I look at the sketches of my students I get a glimpse of their lives, the process on how they create art and a feeling of connection with them no matter the distance and the differences. I present to you the third batch of artists sketching their lives. There is a part 4 coming up in a couple of weeks. If you miss the previous galleries, please see part 1 and part 2.  

Sketch Your Life: Student Project Gallery Part 2 of 4

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These second batch of artists inspire me a lot because they have managed to sketch their lives for a month despite how they feel, no matter how busy their lives were. They never give up and they keep going. Their stories are inspirational and chock full of interesting tidbits about themselves. Their works are unique and personal. Their enthusiasm to learn is contagious. Come and enjoy these sketches!     See part 1 here. Stay tuned for part 3! Come and join us … Read More

Healing Classroom Challenge

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artsy pinwheels It is fruitful to involve young children in making art for a cause. I am thankful to have known Student Rebuild through an art website and from then on I never skip on any of their challenges. To participate in the Healing Classroom Challenge, make and mail in a pinwheel. For each pinwheel you make and mail in, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2—up to $400,000—to the International Rescue Committee’s Healing Classrooms program to help Syrian children from conflict areas recover … Read More

Valentine Card Challenge

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Bringing the light of Jesus in all that we do wherever we go. Representing Christ well in a world that is challenging our stand for holiness. Our purpose as Christians is this: whatever we do, wherever God place us, we are to carry our beautiful feet to spread the gospel. We are to open our mouths boldly to speak the word without fear. We are to work for the glory of God regardless how we like or dislike what we … Read More

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