Perfection is Not the Point

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People at Food Master, pen and color pencil A friend of mine told me how one of my previous sketches is a bit out of proportion. Before answering, I paused and thought of the many reasons why artists or anyone cannot seem to begin something because they want to reach that state where they can tell themselves, “This is perfect! I am ready.” But in reality is we can never be ready unless we start at some point and learn from … Read More


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There are moments when I need to stop and reflect the reason behind what I do. When I stumbled upon causes like the Literacy Challenge, I know for sure that art will always serve its purpose and that is to create a change in someone else’s life. So for the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge, we’re asking young people to make and mail in bookmarks to Students Rebuild. The Bezos Family Foundation will match each bookmark with $1—up to $300,000—to support … Read More

Grace in 2014

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Beyond (watercolor) I sat on the corner of the bed, eyes and nose watery from a possible cold. That’s not how I hope to start New Year. But I know that that is exactly where God wants me to be…right where He is. To hold fast to Him. To rely on His grace. To spend time with Him. Not blindly nod on another selfish commitment or overwhelm myself with lists. God wants me to rest in Him alone. To discard the pleasures of this world … Read More

Why I want to learn how to create and sell digital products

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 Course poster Digital products are convenient and versatile. For example I don’t need to make several identical pieces of watercolor background just to cater to a number of clients but I can work on just one piece and it can benefit even more people. It can also be used over and over again. Since we are talking about digital the audience reach is worldwide. In the past I have bought some digital products like eBook tutorials and I also have accumulated a lot of free digital … Read More

The Collective

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An artsy space. A warehouse turned into a community of artists sharing their passion for all things arts. A homey and cozy place to ignite creativity. What to do? Attend a craft workshop. Jam with musicians. Support organic and handmade. Try delicious comfort food. Bike around the place like these two dudes do. Surreal wall art Mysterious alleyway Hard and… soft patterns Inspiration Comfort food: Shoyu Ramen Good conversation with a friend or just stare into space. Don’t forget to bring your sketchbook. The Collective is … Read More

Paris Je T’aime Angel

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I have finally received the Craft Exchange gift from my Crafter Dominika Bozic! Paris je t’aime Angel She accompanied the painting with a lovely warm letter. This beautiful angel with my favorite Eiffel tower is painted on canvas so that I can frame it anytime. I don’t know how long I have stared at this painting but it was quite long! I love the details and the bright colors used. This painting evokes my childhood moments and definitely brings a huge … Read More

July 19: Two Gifts for 2 Readers!

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*****************************Giveaway Closed************************* I have to apologized today for not sharing any painting as I am very busy with my class and my wrists are hurting easily these days. Right now I have to somehow ignore the numbing while I type. I think I have to spent 2 days off the computer. I joined this mail art exchange hosted by the lovely Kissinia Rom from Ireland. She sent me a package today containing a decorated envelope with 3 small envelopes inside. … Read More

Handmade Gift Exchange

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I joined the Handmade Gift Exchange for June 2012 hosted by the lovely Linda Gardner. I was assigned a Craftee (person who will receive my handmade gift) who is from Germany named Friesenliese. I learned from her website that she’s a crafty person. She loves to sew, knit, read and many more. I was a bit pressured since I don’t know how to sew or knit or even worse make things. How I wish I can make jewelries or knit some hats! … Read More

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