July 19: Two Gifts for 2 Readers!

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*****************************Giveaway Closed************************* I have to apologized today for not sharing any painting as I am very busy with my class and my wrists are hurting easily these days. Right now I have to somehow ignore the numbing while I type. I think I have to spent 2 days off the computer. I joined this mail art exchange hosted by the lovely Kissinia Rom from Ireland. She sent me a package today containing a decorated envelope with 3 small envelopes inside. … Read More

July 5: I Paint for Him

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I joined a painting contest hosted by Art Tutor. A newly launched website through a collaboration of one of my favorite watercolorist Bob Davies and his son, Art Tutor features foundation courses for all mediums. They are slowly building up content and everything will be available hopefully by mid July. It’s literally my first time to join a painting contest. And to paint something from a photograph is a challenge to me. We have to choose which category to join. I … Read More

Handmade Gift Exchange

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I joined the Handmade Gift Exchange for June 2012 hosted by the lovely Linda Gardner. I was assigned a Craftee (person who will receive my handmade gift) who is from Germany named Friesenliese. I learned from her website that she’s a crafty person. She loves to sew, knit, read and many more. I was a bit pressured since I don’t know how to sew or knit or even worse make things. How I wish I can make jewelries or knit some hats! … Read More

Life is a Gift from God

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My boyfriend’s birthday will be on Aug 7. I created a card for him by painting a flower in watercolor. I always thought how cool it would be if a girl gives a guy flowers and since I don’t have enough time to buy some for him, I decided to just paint them. The lovely caption is also created in paint. I wrote my lovely letter at the back. I hope he won’t get to read this entry till I … Read More

A Farewell Gift

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One of our dear officemate which is also our friend is leaving the team (my previous team at work) and moving on to a new role (we’re happy for her!).  I was assigned to work on the design of the scrapbook to be given to her. It was scary just thinking about committing on something which I am not very sure how it would turn out. But what better for me to do than to take the first step? I … Read More

Watercolor Pencils Fun

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I got another new set of “toys” to play with and that is none other than the watercolor pencils from Derwent! Thanks to my boyfriend who has given me this gorgeous set! I am loving my art toys so far! I can’t wait to try them and so I grabbed my sketchbook and a chair and hop outside for some garden drawing. There is this beautiful colored plant that caught my attention and I sketched it right away. I traced … Read More

je t’aime

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If there is one place in the world that I am crazy about, that would definitely be Paris. Paris is music to my ears. The Eiffel Tower is such a magnificent structure. Beautiful piece of iron. Drawing it and making it look pretty doesn’t do justice for this famous tower. Nevertheless, I have never felt this close to Paris. Making this watercolor art definitely bring me closer to my dream destination. Je t’aime! What’s your dream destination? Please join me … Read More

Rainy Season Inspiration

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We have been experiencing rain for almost a week, thanks to the typhoon named Falcon. It brought us strong rain and gust of wind causing floods everywhere, small tornado in some places  and leaving a lot of people homeless and missing. It’s a sad state whenever nature suddenly strikes. It leaves us powerless that we can only pray. While the rain pours, I have been busy with my Sketchbook Project. And since it’s Friday, it’s a perfect time to share … Read More

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